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Hebei Jimeng Group Yongxing High Pressure Flange Steel Pipe Co LTD founded in 1993 is engaged in the manufacture and export of flanges and pipe fittings Located in Mengcun county knows as hometown of elbows and pipe fittings in China it enjoys convenient transportation with only 120 kilometers to Xingang Port on the north and 260 kilometers to Beijing Capital International Airport on the northwest The company covers an area of more than 18 000 square meters and has about 50 000 000 yuan in fixed assets our company equips hydraulic press machine of 3500T CNC ring rolling machine of 2500D 7 forging hammers 7 large bandsaw lathes and drillers for the making of forged flanges at maximum...

Categories and Products

Steel Flange

Casting Steel Flange

GOST 12820 slip on casting steel flange GOST cast and forged steel high performance flange ASME/ANSI b16.5 carbon steel casting flange Ansi B16.47 forged flange blind Casting carbon steel Blind Flange a105 carbon steel casting steel flange GOST 12820 CT20 casting steel flange CLASS 150 CARBON STEEL FLANGE ANSI B16.5 Class 150 SO Plate Flange GOST12821-80 PN40 Steel Flange 

Forged Steel Flange

ansi standard forged steel flange price ansi standard ms forged steel flange for best price ansi standard b16.5 class 150 MS forged steel flange ansi standard carbon steel forged weld neck flange ansi standard b16.5 MS forged steel flange Carbon steel forged pipe flange ansi standard class150 black forged carbon steel flange ansi b16.5 forged steel blind flange Jis forged steel blind flange dn50 black forged carbon steel flange OEM Pipe Fittings Forged Flange With Competitive Price Lap Joint Carbon Steel PN16 Flange High Pressure Stainless Steel Weld Neck ANSI Class 900 Flanges MFM ,RJ , TG Face Carbon Steel Welded Bland Pipe Flange Excellent Service BS4505 Welded Bland Flange Customized Carbon Steel Forged Pipe Flanges With High Performance Q235 A105 A105n Carbon Steel ANSI Industrial Pipe Flange High Performance DIN Standard Flange with Carbon Steel Material Hot Sale Colored JIS GOST Standard Pipe Flange BS 20Mn BSPT Steel Butt Weld Pipe Flange 

Slip On Flange

ANSI Class 150 carbon steel SLIP ON flange ANSI standard stainless steel slip on flanges EN1092-1 PN10 carbon steel slip on flange ANSI class300 a105 carbon steel slip on flange DIN PN16 DN200 stee slip on flanges ANSI class300 stainless steel slip on flange class300 carbon steel slip on flange ANSI stainkess steel flanges slip on flange ANSI b16.5 carbon steel slip on flanges ANSI CLASS300 DN50 carbon steel slip on flange GOST12820-80 SLIP ON flange DIN PN16 carbon steel slip on flange CLASS300 carbon steel slip on flange slip on forged ansi flanges CLASS600 CS slip on flanges with liwer price DIN PN10 DN40 SLIP ON FLANGES Carbon steel ansi b16.5 slip on pipe flanges class 150 slip on flange ANSI 300LB carbon steel flanges DIN2573 carbon steel plate flange 

Welded Neck Flange

carbon steel welded neck forged flange carbon steel 20K soh flange stainless steel forged welded neck flange a182 f316 304 stainless steel raised face welded neck flange A105 150LBS WELDING NECK flange DN100 ANSI B16.5 304 Stainless steel weld neck flange DIN 2631 weld neck steel flange EN1092-1 PN10 steel slip on flange Cheaper ANSI Class 300 Welding Neck Flange Hot Sale Good quality welding neck flange ANSI Customized Carbon Metal Weld Neck Flange good price Chinese steel flange A105 forged raised face welded neck flange ANSI B16.5 welded neck collar hub flange Professional ASTM carbon steel welding neck flange ANSI carbon steel class150 300 weld neck flange GOST12821 RF CT20 Steel Flange GOST12820 RF CT20 Steel Flange GOST 12821 Weld Neck CT20 Steel Flange GOST12821-80 Weld Neck Steel Flange 

Steel Plate Flange

ANSI FORGED CARBON STEEL A105 PLATE FLANGE ANSI stainless steel plate rf flange SS306/314 Plate Flange A105 steel plate flange class 150 JIS plate flange 6K/10K/15K/25K carbon steel welding plate flange 1.4404/316L stainless steel plate flange ANSI carbon steel plate flange 304 316 Stainless Steel Plate Flange 316L stainless steel plate flange cover ANSI B16.5 150LB PALTE FLANGE Hot-dipped Galvanized plate flange forged carbon steel plate flange a105 flanges cast iron steel ansi b16.5 flange BS4504 Casting Plate Flange BS 4504 Table D Plate Flat Faced Flange Top quality plate flange EN1092 PN 6 Carbon Steel Plate Flange Gost Standard 12820 PN6 Carbon Steel Flange DIN PN10 Yellow Paint Plate Steel Flange DIN Standard Yellow Coating for Steel Flanges 

Carbon Steel Flange

A105 Steel Flange

A105 carbon steel slip on flanges ansi b16.5 a105 forged steel plate flange DIN Forged Carbon Steel A105 Flanges A105 ansi b16.5 astm a105 carbon steel flange ANSI A105 Carbon Steel Pipe RF Blind Flange a105 CARBON STEEL FLANGE ANSI China carbon steel welding neck flange High Performance ANSI B16.5 Carbon Steel Pipe Flange EN Standard ASTM A105 Pipe Flange with Carbon Steel Material Class150-600 ANSI B16.5 Forged Flange with High Quality ASME B16.5 Plate Flange Carbon Steel Pipe Flange with Holes 24 Inch Class 150 Steel Flange Dimension ANSI DN125 Carbon Steel Flange with Class150 Standard ANSI B16.5 Carbon Steel Flange for Class150 Customized ANSI Carbon Steel Pipe Flange with Drawing DIN EN 1092 1 DN 200 A105 Flange DN15 Galvanized Steel Pipe Flange DN20 Galvanized Steel Flange DN25 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN32 Forging Galvanized Steel Pipe Flange 

Q235 Steel Flange

Q235 steel forged weld neck pipe fitting flange forged carbon steel Q235 blind flange Asme B16.5 Weld Neck 12 Inch Pipe Flange Dimensions Din standard pn16 slip onflange dimensions Ansi/Asme class 150 carbon steel So flange dimensions Q235 weld neck steel 12inch flange dimensions gost standard Q235 steel 12 inch flange din Q235 forged steel plate flange gost standard dn100 Q235 steel flange CL150 Steel Pipe Weld Neck Flange with ISO Certification Class150 Q235 FF Dimensions Carbon Steel Flange ANSI Class 150 lb Flange SO with RF ASME Standard B16.5 Class 150 WN Flange with RF 30 Inch Class300 Carbon Steel Flange with RF DIN 2576 Standard PN 10 Carbon Steel Flange DIN Standard Plate Q235 Steel Flange DIN 2576 Standard Carbon Steel Flange ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Carbon Steel Pipe Flange ANSI B16.5 weld neck carbon steel flange ANSI B16.5 slip on carbon steel flange 

20# Steel Flange

Yongxing factory DIN 20# steel slip on flange forged CT20 steel flange GOST12821-80 20CT weld neck flange DIN PN40 carbon steel plate flanges yongxing 20CT steel slip on flange GOST 20CT carbon steel flanges GOST CT20 12821 WN steel flange class300 CS lap joint flange carbon steel ANSI slip on flange GOST12820-80 CT20 steel flange 20# 8 inch flange .GOST12820-80 20# flat steel flange 

A234 WPB Steel Flange

A234 WPB steel flange A234 WPB carbon steel forged flange ANSI B16.5 A234 WPB steel flange a234 wpb carbon steel stub end threaded flange astm a234 wpb carbon steel plate flange BS3293 DN300 PN10 Carbon Steel Flanges DN125 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN150 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN200 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN250 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN300 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN350 Galvanized Steel Pipe Flange DN400 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange DN450 Forging Galvanized Pipe Flange DN600 Forging Galvanized Steel Flange Hot Galvanized DN700 Steel Flanges JIS Standard 10K Plate Carbon Steel Flange BS 4504 Standard Plate Carbon Steel Flange high quality ASTM A234 WPB carbon steel flange DIN Carbon Steel Forged Flanges A234 WPB 

JIS Standard Flange

LOWER PRICE JIS STANDARD CARBON STEEL A105 FLANGE stainless steel carbon steel jis standard flange A105 CARBON STEEL JIS STANDARD FLANGE JIS STANDARD WN PLATE BLIND FLANGE JIS 304 316 STEL FLANGE JIS Standard 10K Steel Flange JIS Standard Carbon Steel Flange JIS Standard 16K Pressure Steel Flange 

Stainless Steel Flange

SS304 Steel Flange

ANSI SS304 stainless steel flange JISB2220-1984 SS304 Stainless Steel Flange SS304 Stainless Steel Weld Neck Flange DIN2631 weld neck steel flange GOST 12821-80 SS304 Stainless Steel flange BS Standard Stainless Steel 304 Type Flange DIN Standard Weld Neck PN16 304 Type Flange 

SS316 Steel Flange

class 150 ss316 steel flange slip on flange Astm a182 f316l stainless steel 24 inch flange En 1092 1 pn10 flange dimensions Din specifications types of flange dimensions Gost standards 12820-80 CT20 carbon steel plate flange dimensions in mm class 150 316L steel pipe flange stainless steel SS316 weld neck flange ansi stainless steel SS316 dn100 flange ss316 pn10 pipe flange gost stainless steel flange BS4504 Standard 316 Stainless Steel Flange 

ANSI Stainless Steel Flange

ANSI stainless steel weld neck flange DIN PN16 304 stainless steel flange ASME ANSI 316L stainless steel SO flange ANSI forged stainless steel welding flange forged ANSI stainless steel flange 

Stainless Steel Forged Flange

stainless steel forged flange ASME forged 10" big stainless steel floor flange Din Forged Stainless Steel Flange Pn16 Dn150 stainless steel forged threaded flange 316L ANSI B16.5 Forged Stainless Steel Slip On Hub Flange JIS Standard 304 316 316L Stainless Steel Bland Flange GOST 12820 PN10 Stainless Steel Plate Flange JIS 10K DN100 Standard Stainless Steel Flange Best price forged 316 stainless steel din flange Stainless steel 304/316 forged blind flanges Slip on Flange stainless steel forged pipe flanges 

Stainless Steel Casting Flalnge

ANSI ASME ASTM American Standard casting Stainless Steel Flange DIN PN16 carbon steel thread steel flange DIN Standard PN16 carbon steel thread steel flange Stainless steel casting wn so flange Casting flange stainless steel carbon steel 304 316 stainless steel casting flange 

JIS B2220 Steel Flange

5K Sop Flange

JIS B2220 5K SOP steel flange JIS B2220 ss400 jis 5k flange carbon steel flange jis 5k carbon steel flange plate 12 inch pipe flange JIS 20K Stainless Steel SOP Flange JIS 5K sop steel flange 

10K Sop Flange

jis standard 10k sop carbon steel flange jis standard 10k carbon steel ss400 sop flange Jis standard 10K male and female rf flange dimensions JIS B2220 10K SS400 pipe flange blanks Jis standard c22.8 carbon steel forged weld neck flat face flange Jis standard 10k sop flange price 14 inch sop flange dimensions Jis 10k Rf Flange 150mm Jis 10K metal flange Jis 2 inch pipe flange 

16K Soh Flange

JIS 16K SOH steel flange Japan 16K SOH steel flange 16K carbon steel soh flange carbon steel 16k soh flange JIS standard 16k soh steel flange JIS 16K SOH FLANGE forged JIS 16K SOH pipe flanges with high quality JIS forged 16K carbon steel SOH FLANGES JIS 16K SS400 SOH flange JIS SS400 carbon steel soh flange 

20K Soh Flange

Jis 20k RF FF RTJ Slip on SOP SOH flange Jis Standard 20K Carbon Steel Soh Flanges forged JIS 20k sop soh flange JIS 20K SOH FLANGE SLIP ON HUB JIS20 Flanges JIS standard steel forged SOH flange 20K JIS 20K SOH Slip On Forged Flange JIS 20K SOH cabon steel SS440 flange 600A Professional 20k flange ss440 soh with high quality 

30K Soh Flange

jis standard 30k carbon steel soh flanges JIS 30K SOH SOP FLANGE JIS 30K SO HUB FLANGE LOWER PRICE 30K soh flange carbon steel 30K soh flange stainless steel jis 30k soh flange 20 steel 2017 JIS carbon steel 30k soh flange 

JIS Steel Blind

JIS standard 5k MS forged blind flange dimensions different sizes a105 carbon steel blind flange Jis standard types of blind flange JIS B2220 casting steel blind pipe Flange with holes B2220 SS400 steel pipe Flange in blind JIS 5K BLIND FLANGE JIS 304 316 Blind FLANGE Jis forged pipe blind flange Jis 10k blind flange Jis 10K flange weight Jis casting blind flange 

ANSI Standard Flange

Class 150 Slip On Flange

Ansi class150 slip on steel flange ANSI class150 stainless steel slip on flange Forged ANSI class150 a105n carbon steel slip on flange ANSI B16.47 20 inch class150 carbon steel a105 Slip On Flange carbon steel ansi standard class150 flange slip on pipe fitting flange ANSI A105 Gr.B class 150 slip on steel Flange ANSI class 150 slip on steel Flange class 150 slip on Flange ansi flange ratings ANSI Class150 Slip On Steel Flange 

Class 150 Weld Neck Flange

forging carbon steel welding neck rf flange type class 150 carbon steel a105 WN rf flange Carbon steel p245gh 3 inch pipe galvanized flanges asme standard b16.5 dn80 flange flange with 6 holes class 150 carbon steel weld neck flange Asme class150 weld neck flange class150 pipe flange 3 inch class150 WN steel flange Casting weld neck pipe flange ANSI Class 150 Flange Galvanized Carbon Steel Pipe Flange YONGXING Customized Galvanized Steel Pipe Flange ANSI B16.5 Forged Pipe Fittings Flange High Quality Carbon Steel Fitting With 20 Years Experience 8x150 ansi flange dimension Raised face steel weld neck flange ANSI B16.5 CLASS150 FORGED WELD NECK FLANGE SEAMLESS CLASS150 SCH80 WN STEEL FLANGE SEAMLESS FORGED CLASS150 SCH20 WN FLANGE ANSI CLASS150 WN A105 STEEL FLANGE SEAMLESS CLASS150 SCH40 WN RF FLANGE 

Class 300 Lap Joint Flange

ANSI Class300 lap joint flange ANSI Class300 CS lap joint flange ASME mild steel class300 lap joint flange carbon steel class300 lap joint flange class300 DN150 a105 lap joint flanges ANSI CLASS300 lap joint flanges class300 lap joint steel flanges Forged class 300 lap joint steel flange 

Class 300 Slip On Flange

ASTM A105 Class 300 Slip On Flange class 300 ansi forged slip on flanges ASTM A105 Slip On Raised Face Flange Class300 Slip On Flange Class300 DN100 Slip On Forged Flange 

Class 600 Weld Neck Flange

carbon steel class 600 weld neck rf flange class 600 wnrf flange steel class 600 WELD NECK RF FLANGE A105 150LBS WELD NECK FLANGE Class600 SS400 forged or casting weld neck flange 

Class 900 Forged Flange

Class 900 welding neck forged flange carbon steel class 900 wn rtj flange Class900 Stainless Steel Forged Flange class 900 foeged Q235 steel flange class 900 forged high quality flange 

Class 1500 High Pressure Flange

ANSI B16.47 CLASS 1500 FLANGE ANSI RTJ class 1500 high pressure flange ASME B16.5 FORGED CLASS 1500 FLANGE ASME b16.5 class 1500 plate flange class 1500 stainless steel 304 high pressure flange 

ANSI Steel Blind

forged ANSI steel blind CLASS150 ANSI carbon steel STEEL BLIND CLASS300 ANSI carbon steel blind FLANGE forged ANSI class600 steel blind flanges ANSI carbon steel blind ANSI carbon steel blind ANSI carbon steel blind flange ANSI Class150 Blind Steel Flange 

GOST Flange

GOST 12820 Slip On Steel Flange

GOST CS CT20 Forged Carbon Steel slip on flange GOST 12820 carbon steel slip on flange GOST 12820 PL Flange DN 125 Steel Slip on Flange For Water Pipe GOST12821 CT20 WN steel flange GOST slip on Carbon Steel Flange GOST 12820 flat flange Gost Standard PN12820 80 Carbon Steel Flange Carbon Steel Gost Flange Pressure 12820 80 Gost Standard Slip On Steel Flange DN300 PN 6 Slip On Gost Flange GOST 12820 Flat Face DN200 PN25 Flange GOST 33259 Steel flange 

GOST 12820-80 Plate Flange

Gost 12820-80 CT20 carbon steel plate flange dimensions gost12820 80 standard flange in english Russian GOST Pn flange dimensions Flange diameter Russia schedule 40 carbon steel pipe flange weight Gost Schedule 40 Carbon Steel water Pipe Flange gost 12820-80 plate flange Russian cs Schedule Pipe Flange Gost CS dn150 flange Black Yellow Paint Steel Gost Flange 

GOST 12820-80 Flat Flange

GOST 12820-80 CT20 flat flange GOST12820-80 carbon steel flat flanges GOST12820-80 steel SO flat flanges HOT SALE GOST12820-80 flat flanges GOST 12820-80 Steel flat flanges for Russia market GOST12820-80 flat flange GOST12820-80 CT20 carbon steel SO flange 

GOST 12821-80 Weld Neck Flange

GOST 12821-80 carbon steel weld neck Flange stainless steel gost12821-80 weld neck flange GOST12821-80 PN40 DN200 weld neck flanges FORGED GOST12821-80 RUSSIA STANDARD WELD NECK FLANGE GOST12821-80 Welding Neck Forged Steel Flange GOST Standard weld neck Flange RUSSIAN STANDARD GOST 12821-80 PN16 WELDING NECK FLANGES PN16 DN50 GOST 12821 FORGED WELDING NECK FLANGE gost 12821-80 rust proof oil welding neck flange 

GOST 12821-80 Flange

GOST 12821-80 forged weld neck Flange GOST 12821-80 DN100 carbon steel weld neck flange Casting gost12821-80 flange GOST12821-80 PN40 DN100 weld neck flanges 12X18H10T GOST12821-80 Stainless steel flange Steel Gost Flange PN6 12821 80 Gost Standard PN25 12821 Steel Flange 

GOST Weld Plate Flange

GOST weld plate steel flange Gost 12821 russian steel collor flange GOST 12820-80 Stainless Steel Plate Flat Pipe Flange ANSI JIS BS GB EN GOST carbon steel pipe flange Forged Stainless Steel Plate Gost Flange 

GOST 12820 SO Steel Flange

good price Gost 12820-80 CT20 carbon steel SO flange gost Api 1000 6 inch sch 80 Flange Different types of pressure vessel flange dn200 pn10 dn600 slip on raised face pressure vessel flange dimensions gost standards flange28 inch for steel materials list Gost CT20 metal plate flange Gost 4 inch metal pipe flange Gost 4 inch butt weld flange Gost Cast iron weld flange Gost Q235 pipe flange Gost casting pipe flange Gost pn10 casting flange Gost 12820-80 casting flange 

GOST 12821 WN Steel Flange

GOST12821-80 WN steel flanges forged GOST12821-80 WN steel flange Russia standard GOST12821 WN steel flange forged GOST 12821 WN steel flanges GOST12821-80 CT20 WN flanges with lower price GOST12821-80 WN steel flange GOST12821-80 carbon steel WN steel flange GOST12821-80 20# WN steel flange 

GOST Collar Flange

GOST collar flange GOST PN10 DN250 collar flanges Gost standard welding neck collar loose plate flange collar GOST 12821-80 forged flanges carbon steel GOST collar flange 

GOST Steel Blind

GOST standard ct20 carbon steel blind flange Gost forged blind flange BL flange GOST SS304 316 STAINLESS STEEL BLIND FLANGE GOST 12836-80 PN16 A105 SCH160 BLIND FLANGE Casting gost steel blind flange Gost Standard 12836 Blind Flange Gost 12836 PN 4.0 Blind Flange Gost 12836 Standard Carbon Steel Blind Flange 

DIN Steel Flange

DIN 2527 Blind Flange

DIN 2527 blind steel flange best price for din blind carbon steel flange din pn16 forged blind flange din blind forged carbon steel flange carbon steel DIN Standard blind flange 

DIN 2573 Steel Flange

Din 2573 forged steel slip on rf flange din standard pn10 3 inch pipe flange dimensions Din dn250 forged SO flat face flange dimensions Din standard pn pipe fitting flange dimensions din standard all types of flanges with explanation used in piping din standard forged pipe flanges din 2573 stainless steel pipe flange DIN 2573 pipe flange sizes DIN blank pipe fitting flange DIN PN16 DN100 ff flange 

DIN 2631 Weld Neck Steel Flange

DIN 2631 weld neck carbon steel flange forged DIN2631 weld neck steel flanges yongxing forged DIN 2631 weld neck steel flange DIN 2631 PN40 weld neck carbon steel flange DIN 2631 PN16 weld neck Q235 steel flange DIN2631 weld neck steel flange DIN2631 weld neck carbon steel flange DIN2631 steel flange weld neck Slip on flanges DIN 2631 CS WELD NECK flanges 

DIN 2633 PN16 Steel Flange

DIN 2633 PN16 steel flange DIN pn16 stainless steel 316l flange DIN 2633 pn16 dn200 carbon steel wn flange Din 2633 casting welding neck flange DIN 2633 PN16 ST37.2 WNRF flange din 2633 pn16 carbon steel forged flange DIN 2633 pn16 dn100 steel wn flange stainless steel din 2633 WN pn16 flanges 

DIN 2576 Slip On Steel Flange

Low price DIN 2576 slip on steel flange DIN 2576 A105 carbon steel slip on flange DIN SS304 316 STAINLESS STEEL SLIP ON FLANGE DIN2576 FORGED STEEL SLIP ON FLANGE Casting DIN 2576 SLIP ON RAISE FACE FLANGE DIN A234 WPB SLIP ON RF FLANGE SLIP ON FF FLANGE DIN 20Mn slip on flange DIN SLIP ON HUB FLANGE 

BS Steel Flange

BS4504 PN 10 Steel Flange

Stainless steel forged BS 4504 PN10 weld flange ANSI BS DIN EN1092-1 JIS Stainless steel flanges BS 4504 Forged Carbon Steel Welding Neck Flange BS4504 PN16 carbon steel flanges Carbon Steel BS 4504 Slip-on RJ Flanges 

BS 4504 PN16 steel flange

BS 4504 pn16 slip on stainless steel flange in good quality BS standard pn10 24 inch slip on flange dimensions Pn10 pipe 3 inch bw flat face pipe Flange dimensions BS 4504 standard pn40 flange sizes BS 4504 pn16 dn100 weld neck water pipe flange flange 24 inch welding neck 

Carbon Steel BS Flange

BS4504 carbon steel slip on flanges BS10 Type Stainless Steel Plate Flange BS4504 PN16 carbon steel BS flanges Forged carbon steel BS slip on flange OEM carbon steel BS flanges carbon steel BS slip on flange forged carbon steel BS4504 plate flange carbon steel BS standard slip on flange 

Stainless Steel BS Flange

BS 304 Stainless Steel RF Blind Flange BS stainless steel Welding Neck Flange BS 4505 SS316 Stainless Steel Flanges BS stainless steel flange with CE certificate Stainlss Steel BS 4504 Slip-on RJ Flanges BS 4505 SS304 Stainless Steel Flanges BS stainless steel Welding Neck Forged Flange High Quality Forged Carbon Metal Steel pipe flange 

BS10 Steel Flange

cangzhou factory BS steel flange with factory Forged carbon steel A105 BS flange BS SS304 Stainless Steel Flange BS A182 F304 304L STAINLESS STEEL FLANGE Casting BS4504 DN100 PN40 STEEL FLANGE 

BS Steel Flange

BS Stainless Steel Blind Pipe Flange BS Slip On Carbon Steel Flange BS 304 Stainless Steel Blind Flange BS 4505 Carbon steel flanges Flange Carbon Steel BS 4504 Slip on RJ Flanges bs standard forged plate steel soff flange BS 4504 Weld Neck Stainless steel Flange BS steel flange made in China 

SABS EN Steel Flange

SABS 1123 Steel Flange

SABS carbon steel forged flange Stainless steel UNI/SABS forged flange from factoyr raised face plate sabs 1123 carbon steel forging flanges SABS 1123 Carbon Steel 150lb TH Class150-2500 Flange Stainless Steel Slip On Flange Sabs1123 Table1000/5 

EN Steel Flange

hot sale butt weld EN steel slip on flange EN 1092 1 Galvanized sch40 dn80 flange dimensions Hot sale en standard C22.8 carbon steel yellow pipe flange Hot sale En standard welding neck steel pipe flange En standard dn200 wn pipe flange size EN 1092 PN 6 Carbon Steel Flange PN 6 EN 1092 Carbon Steel Flange Hot Selling Carbon Steel EN1092 Standard PN 10 Flange High Precision Steel PN 10 EN1092 Flange EN1092 PN 16 Carbon Steel Flange Top Quality PN 16 EN1092 Steel Flange EN 1092 PN 25 Carbon Steel Flange EN 1092 PN 25 Carbon Steel Flange Carbon Steel PN 25 EN1092 Flange Competitive Price EN 1092 PN 40 Flange High Precision PN 40 EN1092 Carbon Steel Flange EN1092 Standard Carbon Steel Slip On Flange EN1092 Carbon Steel Plate Flange EN1092 Carbon Steel Blind Flange EN1092 Weld Neck Carbon Steel Flange 

EN 1092-1 PN10 Steel Flange

EN 1092-1 PN10 carbon steel flanges EN1092-1 PN10 steel weld neck flange Forged EN1092-1 PN10 steel flanges carbon steel EN1092-1 steel welding flanges HOT SALE EN1092-1 PN10 carbon steel flange EN 1092-1 PN10 steel flange EN 1092-1 PN10 carbon steel flange 

EN 1092-1 PN16 Steel Flange

EN 1092-1 PN16 steel flange Weld Neck Flanges PN16 EN 1092-1 EN 1092-1 welding neck flanges A105 pn16 EN 1092-1 PN16 Plate Flange EN 1092-1 slip on Raised face flange EN 1092-1 PN16 Carbon Steel Slip On RF Flange EN 1092-1 Type 01 Plate flange EN 1092-1 TYPE 11 WELDING NECK FLANGE 

EN 1092-1 PN25 Steel Flange

high quality EN 1092-1 PN25 steel flange Forged EN 1092-1 PN25 Steel Flange Casting EN 1092-1 PN25 A234 WPB STEEL FLANGE Carbon steel EN 1092-1 PN25 STEEL FLANGE Stainless Steel EN 1092-1 STEEL FLANGE 

Thread Steel Flange

BSPT Steel Flange

CARBON STEEL BSPT THREAD FLANGE carbon steel DIN thread steel flange BSPT carbon steel Forged gost Threaded Flange Threaded Coupling Stainless Steel BSPT Pipe Fitting Flange BS4504 PN16 SORF Thread BSPT Flange 

NPT Steel Flange

Butt welded steel SO raised face NPT flange Ansi standard carbon p245gh steel flange NPT Ansi class 150 thread flange NPT dimensions class 150 caebon steel a105n NPT pipe flange Class 300 forged male and female NPT Flange Dimensions 

Carbon Steel Thread Steel Flange

ANSI B16.5 carbon steel thread steel flange BS4504 carbon steel thread steel flange Q235 carbon steel thread steel flanges BS4504 carbon steel thread flanges YONGXING carbon steel thread steel flanges 

Stainless Thread Steel Flange

stainless thread steel flange ANSI B16.5 stainless threaded steel flange stainless thread steel F304 flange 304 150LBS stainless steel threaded flange stainless steel thread flange Stainless steel npt/bsp/din2999 threaded flanges BS4504 standard 304 Stainless steel Threaded Flange Stainless steel female threaded flange 

DIN Thread Steel Flange

DIN 2566 CARBON STEEL THRAED FLANGE high quality DIN thread steel flange DIN pn10 thread forged flange DIN A105 GALVANIZED THREAD FLANGE DIN 2566 DN80 FEMALE THREAD FLANGE 

Carbon Steel Elbow

Q235 Steel Elbow

carbon steel Q235 90 degree elbow ANSI Q235 Carbon Steel Butt Welded 90 degree Elbow ASTM Q235 90 deg L/R carbon steel seamless elbow ASTM A234WPB 90 Degree Q235 carbon steel elbow Carbon steel sch40 Q235 Pipe Elbow 

Butt Welded Steel Elbow

ansi standard butt welded steel carbon steel elbow 24 inch 90 degree carbon steel pipe fitting elbow dimensions Butt welding sch40 90 degree pipe elbow Large steel sch40 steel pipe elbow dimensions Black painting sch40 steel 90 degree pipe fitting elbow 

Seamless Steel Elbow

Seamless SCH40 carbon steel 90 degree elbow SCH20 seamless steel 30 degree elbow Carbon steel seamless steel 90 degre Long elbow Hot sale SCH20 30 degree SR seamless steel elbow seamless steel 90 degree LR elbows 

LR Long Radius Elbow

Long Radius steel elbow steel butt welding elbow 90 long radius Long radius seamless carbon steel elbow pipe fitting for long radius elbow carbon steel long radius LR 90D 180D elbow bw lr long radius sch40 90 degree elbows Long raduis carbon steel seamless pipe Elbow ASME B16.9 LONG Radius stainless steel elbow 

SR Short Radius Elbow

HIGH Quality SR weld short radius elbow Butt weld SR stainless steel 304 316 elbow SS304 316 SR short radius elbow Butt weld sch40 SR Short Radius Elbow A234 WPB carbon steel pipe elbow CARBON STEEL SOCKET WELD PIPE FITTING CARBON STEEL SOCKET WELD PIPE FITTING ELBOW ANSI forged A105 SR Elbow GOST CT20 SR ELBOW JIS 20 STEEL SR ELBOW 

A105 Steel Elbow

equal carbon steel a105 ansi b16.11 elbow round a105 forged steel elbow A105 Forged CARBON STEEL PIPE FITTINGS ELBOW Stainless Steel Butt Weld Elbow seamless Carbon Steel Elbow a105 ASTM A105 carbon steel 90 Degree Elbow sch80 steel forged elbow a105 Good Quality ASTM A105 Stainless Steel Elbow 

20# Steel Elbow

butt weld 90 degree long radius pipe elbow 4inch weld on pipe LR elbow dimensions Ansi standard steel pipe fitting 45 degree elbow SCH40 stainless steel 45 degree pipe fitting elbow Hot sale black carbon steel 45 degree pipe elbow 

Stainless Steel Elbow

45 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow

ANSI 45 degree stainless steel elbow 304 316 stainless steel 45 degree seamless elbow Stainless Steel 45 degree Pipe Fittings Elbow 304 welding seanless steel flange stainless steel 45 degree pipe elbow 

90 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow

90 degree stainless steel elbow dimensions 90 degree mild stainless steel weld pipe fitting elbow Butt weld kinds of stainless steel fitting elbow BW weld pipe fitting 8 inch steel Elbow dimensions Ansi standard SS 90 degree weld elbow specification 

30 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow

30 degree stainless steel elbow SCH40 30 degree stainless steel elbow hot sale LR 30 degree stainless steel elbow SCH20 30 degree 304 stainless steel elbow YONGXING 30 Degree stainless steel 316 elbow 

180 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow

180 degree stainless steel elbow Stainless Steel 180 Degree Pipe Fitting Elbow ASTM 180 Degree Steel Elbow stainless steel 180 degree tube weld elbow stainless steel welding 180 degree elbow stainless steel bend pipe 180 degree elbow 180 degree elbow in stanless steel 304L stainless steel 180 degree elbow 

Seamless Stainless Steel Elbow

Factory Seamless stainless steel elbow Forged seamless stainless steel elbow cangzhou factory forged seamless stainless steel elbow 30 degree 60degree 90 degree seamless stainless steel elbow Equal shape seamless stainless steel elbow 304l butt welded seamless stainless steel elbow stainless steel elbow pipe seamless elbow Stainless Steel Reducing Elbow Seamless ASTM Seamless Stainless Steel Elbow 

Welded Stainless Steel Elbow

factory supply weld seamless steel elbow Stainless steel 316 welded pipe fittings elbow 321 welding/seamless stainless steel elbow stainless steel square tube weld elbow Forged butt weld stainless steel elbow BW butt welding stainless steel welded elbow stainless steel STD SCH40 welding elbow stainless steel 316 welded pipe fittings elbow SCH40 welded stainless steel 45 degree elbow ASTM WPB weld SS304 stianless steel elbow DIN welded stianless steel elbow ASME SCH40 welded 316 Stainless steel flange 

SS304 Stainless Steel Elbow

30 Degree SS304 stainless steel elbow SCH40 SS304 stainless steel elbow SCH40 LR SS304 stainless steel elbow SS304 stainless steel elbow of 90 degree yongxing SS304 stainless steel elbow 

SS316 Stainless Steel Elbow

SS316 stainless steel 90 degree pipe elbow dimensions Stainless steel ss316 45 degree kinjds of elbow dimensions stainless SS316 90 degree pipe elbow dimensions S316 long radius steel kinds of pipe elbow Short radius SS316 new pipe elbow weight 

Steel Pipe Tee

Stainless Steel Pipe Tee

stainless steel pipe tee 316L Stainless Steel Pipe Tee 304L 316L stainless steel pipe fitting tee SUS316Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting tee elbow SS304 stainless steel pipe fitting tees 

Carbon Steel Pipe Tee

Ansi standards A234 WPB carbon steel pipe fitting tee Ansi standard carbon steel A234WPB black tee Butt weld CS kinds of pipe tee dimensions Carbon steel weld fitting pipe fitting tee sizes Types of carbon steel weld pipe fittings tee dimensions 

Steel Straight Pipe Tee

carbon steel straight pipe tee SS304 stainless steel straight pipe tee SS316 stainless steel straight pipe tee Carbon steel straight pipe tee for export Q235 carbon steel straight pipe tee 2 inch steel pipe fittings TEE Steel straight pipe tee SCH40 CARBON STEEL TEE SCH20 carbon steel 2inch tee carbon steel pipe fittings 

Carbon Steel Reducing Tee

carbon steel pipe fittings tee Pipe Fitting Carbon Steel Material Reducing Tee ansi b16.9 carbon steel reducing tee carbon steel straight reducing pipe tee carbon steel SCH80 seamless reducing tee Butt welding Carbon Steel Pipe Reducing Tees carbon steel socket weld reducing tee factory WPB pipe fitting sch40 carbon steel reducing tee 

Seamless Steel Tee

seamless carbon steel tee ss304 316 seamless stainless steel tee seamless equal reducing steel tee high quality seamless welded steel tee ANSI standard SCH40 seamless steel tee 

Export Standard Steel Tee

ANSI Steel Tee

ANSI ASTM A234 WPB steel pipe tee ANSI /JIS/DIN/GOST carbon steel equal tee ANSI/ASME B16.9 Carbon Steel A105 Reducing Tee carbon seamless steel pipe tee a234 wpb ansi b16.9 

DIN Steel Tee

Din standard butt weld carbon steel equal tee Din standard Sch40 butt weld carbon steel tee Din standard Butt weld weld fitttings carbon steel tee Din standard Kinds of carbon steel weld pipe tee din standard carbon steel hot sale weld black color tee 

JIS Steel Tee

JIS carbon steeL tee JIS stainless steel SS304 tee JIS standard stainless steel SS316 TEE SS304 stainless steel JIS steel TEE JIS standard Q235 stee pipe tee 

GOST Steel Tee

GOST carbon steel euqual tee GOST 17376 Carbon Steel Pipe Equal Tee Carbon Steel 6 Inch Sch40 Equal Tee Black butt welded seamless pipe fitings tee black paint steel gost standard equal tee GOST standard welding seamless carbon steel tee Steel Tee Gost 17376 GOST 17376 Carbon Steel Reducing Tee 

Carbon Steel Tee

A105 carbon steel tee Butt welded carbon steel tee carbon steel equal reducing tee ANSI b16.9 A234 WPB CARBON STEEL TEE Black painting carbon steel tee ct20 carbon steel tee ANSI carbon steel TEE Gost 20Mn carbon steel tee JIS carbon steel tee DIN carbon steel tee 

Steel Reducer

Carbon Steel Concentric Reducer

Carbon Steel Pipe Fitting Concentric Eccentric Reducers high quality black carbon steel pipe reducer forged carbon steel fitting reducer carbon steel pipe fittings concentric reducer ms Pipe Fitting /carbon Steel Elbow/ Flanges /tees/ Reducers/caps/bends 

Carbon Steel Eccentric Reducer

butt weld types of pipe fitting carbon steel eccentric reducer Butt weld eccentric carbon steel kinds of pipe fitting reducer Carbon steel kinds of pipe reducer dimensions Black paintting Steel Pipe types of eccentric Reducer sizes Black color types of weld on eccentric pipe reducer dimensions 

Stainless Steel Concentric Reducer

SS304 Stainless steel concentric reducer SS316 stainless steel concentric reducer SS304 stainless steel pipe concentric reducer 304L stainless steel concentric pipe reducer PIpe fittings stainless steel concentric reducer 

Stainless Steel Eccentric Reducer

stainless steel eccentric reducer GOST Stainless Steel Seamless Ecc Reducer BW Pipe Fitting Ecc Reducer ANSI B16.9 astm b16.9 stainless steel eccentric reducer Gost Standard stainless steel eccentric reducer Sch40 Eccentric Pipe Fitting Stainless Steel Reducer pipe fittings butt weld stainless steel eccentric reducer Stainless steel eccentric welded reducer 

Seamless Steel Reducer

Seamless carbon steel eccentric reducer Forged seamless carbon steel A105 eccentric reducer Forged seamless SS316 304 stainless steel concentric reducer Forged Seamless Carbon steel Concentric Reducer CASTING SEMALESS WELD STEEL REDUCER Seamless carbon steel butt-welding fitting Concentric reducer ASME B16.9 STD Carbon Steel Reducer Fittings ANSI B16.9 Black Painting Concentric Reducer Fittings 

Butt Welded Steel Reducer

Butt welded steel sch40 CR pipe fitting reducer Stainless steel Sch40 concentric pipe fitting concentric reducer Weld pipe fitting mild steel sch40 reducer Din standard 8 inch pipe reducer types Din standard eccentric pipen fittings reducer thickness types ANSI B16.9 SCH80 Reducer Fitting 

Steel Pipe Fittings

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

carbon steel seamless welded pipe fitting carbon steel elbow tee reducer cap flalnge pipe fitting butt welded carbon steel pipe fittings a105 black carbon steel forged pipe fittings MS carbon steel pipe fitting 45 Degree Carbon Steel Pipe Elbow ANSI 90 Degree Carbon Steel Elbow ASTM A234 WPB ANSI B16.9 Elbow ANSI Standard Carbon Steel 90 Degree Elbow Steel Butt Weld 90 Degree Long Radius Elbow Black Paint ANSI B 16.9 Steel Elbow ANSI B 16.9 Carbon Steel Elbow Seamless Carbon Steel Elbow for ANSI Standard DN 150 Elbow for Carbon Steel of ANSI Standard GOST 17375 2001 A234 WPB Carbon Steel Elbow Carbon Steel A234 WPB SCH40 Elbow Pipe Fittings A234 WPB Steel SCH80 90 Degree L / R Elbow Steel Elbow SCH40 A234 WPB B16.9 Steel Elbow SCH80 ANSI B16.9 ANSI B16.9 SCH40 Carbon Steel Elbow Fittings 

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

ansi b16.9 stainless steel pipe fitting end cap Ansi stangdard b16.9 black steel pipe fittingd end cap Carbon steel kinds of 12 inch pipe fittings Kinds of carbon steel 12 inch pipe fittings Types of stainless steel 10 inch pipe fittings 

Carbon Steel Cap

PIpe fittings of carbon steel cap ASME B16.9 6 inch Sch40 stainless steel end cap A234 wpb stainless steel domed end cap with low price large diameter carbon steel pipe end cap Pipe fittings carbon steel end cap 

Stainless Steel Cap

stainless steel pipe end cap 24 inch large steel pipe end cap A234 wpb stainless steel domed end cap 316L Stainless Steel Cap Gost standard stainless steel pipe end cap high quality stainless steel pipe end cap stainless steel cap of pipe fittings/end cap large stainless steel pipe end cap for wholesales 

Carbon Steel Socket

carbon steel socket fitting Stainless Steel Socket Fitting Forged Stainless Steel Socket Fitting Casting Stainless Steel Socket Fitting Standard carbon steel socket 

Carbon Steel Coupling

carbon steel coupling A 105 Forged / forging Carbon Steel Coupling carbon steel A105 coupling Black carbon steel pipe socktes/couplings API carbon steel coupling 


Gate valve

Carbon steel Stainless steel gate valve socket gate valve stainless steel carbon steel casting gate valve stainless steel carbon steel Forgeding Gate Valve API stem Gate Valve stainless steel carbon steel 

Butterfly Valve

Handles Wafer carbon steel Butterfly Valve handle level operated water butterfly valve cast iron double flange butterfly valve wafer type gear operated butterfly valve with hand wheel carbon steel gear and handle operated butterfly valve 

Ball valve

1 pc ball valve 2-PC Economical cf8m stainless steel ball valve Stainless Steel 1inch Ball Valve Screwed End 3 PC Ball Valve, Flange Ball Valve 3 PC THREAD BALL VALVE 

Stainless Steel Valve

Stainless steel Manual Power Butterfly Valve S110600 high quality level handle forged brass BALL VALVE Z41H-16C Gost Cuniform WCB stainless steel gate valve with prices stainless Steel High Quality Check Valve 8 Inch High Pressure NPT Male Thread Spring Loaded Check Valve 

Carbon Steel Valve

hydraulic control pressure reduce carbon steel valve Carbon steel types of hydraulic contral valve Hot sales MS steel kinds of valve dimensions Carbon steel kinds of carbon steel good quality valve dimensions Carbon steel good quality kinds of valve dimensions 

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