SWEP Plate Heat Exchanger

Types of plate heat exchangers

There are four main types of plate heat exchangers:

Gasketed plate heat exchangers use high quality gaskets and design to seal plates together and protect against leaks. Plates can easily be removed for cleaning, expansion, or replacing purposes, drastically reducing maintenance costs.
Brazed Plate heat exchangers are used in many industrial and refrigeration applications. Due to stainless steel plate composition with copper brazing, they are highly resistant to corrosion. Brazed Plate heat exchangers are efficient and compact, making them an excellent economic choice. 
Welded plate heat exchangers are similar to Gasketed plate heat exchangers, but instead the plates are welded together. They are extremely durable, and are ideal for transferring fluids with high temperatures or corrosive materials. Since the plates are welded together, mechanical cleaning of plates is not an option as with plate and frame heat exchangers.
Semi-Welded plate heat exchangers feature a mixture of welded and gasketed plates. They contain pairs of two plates welded together which are then gasketed to other pairs, therefore one fluid path is welded and the other fluid path is gasketed. This results in a plate heat exchanger that is easy to service on one side and able to transfer more intense fluids on the other. Semi-Welded heat exchangers are perfect for transferring expensive materials since they have a very low risk of fluid loss.

Quality spare parts and cost effective, reliable service for plate heat exchangers worldwide

LianJiu offer a wide range of top quality gaskets for most plate heat exchangers, as well as high quality plates.

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Heat exchangers plate for swep
Heat exchangers plate for swep

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