Welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Welded plate heat exchangers
Maximum heat transfer with minimal pressure loss – and within the smallest plot space: these are the advantages offered to our customers by our patented welded plate heat exchangers. They are in a position to achieve up to four times the performance of a shell and tube heat exchanger, requiring the same amount of space.
The design of our plate heat exchanger permits an easy inspection and mechanical cleaning on both sides.
Our special plate heat exchangers and quench columns are particularly well adapted to high temperature processes, up to 1000°c.
welded plate heat exchangers:plate exchangers` efficiency combined with robust tubular exchangers.
Welded plate heat exchangers provide thermal performance far superior to conventional tubular heat exchangers in a small footprint.
Our exchangers can be cleaned and inspected with a cleaning nozzle specially developed.
we has three plate corrugations: chevron pattern for the most efficient heat transfer, dimple pattern for a 3mm clear gap and aflat pattern for sludge to sludge type applications. The special corrugations result in heat transfer performances similar to the gasketed PHE.

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